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Sushi Rice
Sushi rice

Melon Berry Smoothie
This is a refreshing vegan smoothie or juice. Great during the day or if you add vodka makes a great summer cocktail.

Thai Peanut Sauce
I enjoy this sauce to accompany so many foods. I first used it for satay, but found myself topping my stir fry with it. Using it on Udon or Soba no...

Chicken Satay
Meat on a stick!! Appetizer or finger food. It's great!

Tre Leche Cake
Wonderful cake. It's hard to have only one piece. I like to garnish with fresh fruit.

Elote Salad (Mexican street corn salad)
This is a fabulous summer salad you must try. Refreshing and sinfully tasty.

Fruit Salsa
I use this for the Tre Leche Cake that I make. But can be used with crepes, short cakes, pound cakes, mix into yogurt top with granola and flax see...

Roasted Parmesan Asparagus with Balsamic Glaze
Wonderful side dish with a touch of class

Postre De Limon
Wonderful light and refreshing way to end a dinner. If you like key lime pie, you will love this. Easy to make.

Southwestern Eggroll
Another twist on the classic

Mac and Cheese Bacon Eggrolls
New twist on an old classics.

Egg Rolls
Who doesn't like egg rolls. When you buy a pack of egg roll skins this is a guarantee to use up the package by making 3 different kinds. Serve for ...

Chicken Mei Fun
This dish rocks! Easy and a bit spicy. Make this at home because you won't get anything as good as this from a restaurant. Use chicken, pork, beef ...

Beer Battered Cod
Best batter for fish. Perfect blend of seasoning and crisp texture. I use cod but works well with perch, walleye, smelts, and why yes of course cat...

Corned Beef
Couldn't wait till St. Patricks Day. This is the traditional boiled dinner. I prefer it sided with the Corn beef as a sandwich.

Tortilla Pizza
Super fast, use any ingredients . Great for a family night the kids can help. Super simple, and not leaving you with that stuffed feeling. This piz...

Avocado Sushi
A wonderful light dish you can make at home

Lime & Cumin Swai
Swai better than Tilapia. Marinate, yet from start to finish about an hour of your time

Parmesan Chicken with Lemon sauce
Yep another chicken dinner. Really fast and super healthy.

BBQ Chicken stuffed baked potato
Quick easy kid friendly meal

Quinoa and Chicken Chili
Slow Cooker recipe and left overs freeze well

Chicken Cordon Blu
Oven baked goodness

Meatless Enchiladas
What a great way to have a meatless meal during the week. Its fast and easy, and tastes so good!!!

Trail Mix
Heart healthy snack. 139 calories per 1/4 cup.

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